The night before the adventure

So I am in a hotel room next to JFK airport. I had mani pedi, took the Dog to the groomers and visited my acupuncturist to settle my nerves.

I picked up my son after his 3 weeks traveling solo in Europe and we found a place to eat dinner so he could miss rush hour traffic and visit with his mom. As we are driving to dinner there is a full rainbow. Both ends. I rarely ever see that. It could be a sign. I’m so impressed with my kids I can’t even go there but he brought me back to the hotel and then went home.

So here I am. I stopped in the lobby and met some other travelers watching the Olympics. We chatted. They were from San Diego. I said we used to live there and we all chatted about San Diego. When does the word “we” leave my  conversation. My wedding ring is still on. They asked where I was going. Thailand! They seemed impressed. It’s so far away.   They didn’t ask anything about my husband so I didn’t offer. Not used to doing this on my own.

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