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Week two – Social Distancing

The statistics today are  551,337 cases of CO-VID19 and 24,906 deaths worldwide, and 86,012 U.S. cases with 1301 deaths as of this post.  This coronavirus has a speed of its own and is spreading quickly as more people get tested.

This is my second week home from school.  We have had several grade level meetings using the Zoom app and the Google meet app.  I am fortunate to work in a school with 9 other kindergarten teachers and some who are way more tech savvy than I am.

Our first week we provided daily activities for our students in an effort to prevent regression.  Starting next week, we will begin to teach new information on line.  This is such unchartered territory for everyone and just mind blowing to attempt with 5 year olds.

I have started an Instagram page for parents to share photos of the children at home in an attempt to help the children see their friends.  Social development is such an important part of kindergarten so maybe seeing their friends helps them feel connected with their classmates.

So, other than spending time in meetings and learning about on line teaching, I have had the unexpected pleasure of having both my sons home for the past week, as well as a lovely girlfriend and her dog.  We have a full house! It seems like a holiday week.

We completed a 1000 piece puzzle together and played a little poker one night.

No one is going out to work.  We occasionally leave to take a walk outside or someone goes to the grocery store. Some of us have meetings on line with colleagues and others watch TV or fix things around the house (my awesome husband).

I haven’t cooked this much in years, but with no other pressing obligations, it has been kind of fun.  This week I made chicken and sausage Scarpiello, spaghetti and meatballs, chili, chicken thighs with mashed potatoes, cod, salads, rice and Indian chicken dishes, chocolate chip cookies and more.

The boys have done some yard cleanup, I painted the boiler room, I have hung up pictures and decorated around the house after the kitchen / home renovation, I went golfing, I hit golf balls at the driving range and took quite a few walks this week.

I do not know when I will be going back to work.  In New York we are told April 1st, but around the country other states have announced May 1st or end of the school year so I predict we will be home doing on line teaching longer than initially told.

On social media I have seen a few positive actions taking place.  People reaching out to be sure that when needed children have computers to help them learn and breakfast and lunch if it had been provided in school.

Also, one woman started raising money to pay local restaurants to provide food for the local hospital.  I just donated this morning via Venmo – her name is @Theresa-Sullivan-10 and she collects money, orders food from the local establishments to help them stay in business during this time, and then feeds the hard working health workers at Huntington Hospital here in New York.

Her Facebook page is here: Huntington Hospital Meals

Most importantly, everyone needs to remember to keep this social distancing a new reality.  As more people get the symptoms, this virus is coming closer to home.  I am personally getting a bit nervous about venturing out to the supermarket.  Who may have touched this apple or this box of pasta before me?  I am thinking of heading towards canned and frozen foods soon.

Well, I am off to send a birthday card to one of my students now since we will be unable to celebrate in school on Monday.  Then off to learn more about setting up a Google classroom and maybe selecting a picture book to video tape myself reading for the kids later.

Since the sun is shining, I will also sit out in the yard in the sun with my dog and my family, take a walk outside and maybe today I will make a cake for after dinner tonight.

And I will count my blessings.  One thing I have learned since the devastating day when I became a widow, is that the best way to get through the tough times is with positive affirmations and gratitudes.  If you don’t want to keep a journal, just plan one time a day where you name 3 things that you are thankful for.

Lately, I have been doing 30 minutes of exercise on the home elliptical machine followed by a 10 minute yoga stretch.  Each day the yoga instructor asks you to set your intention for the day.

It took me a while to figure out what my intention for the day should be.

Finally I have settled on something I need to work on.

Today I will be present.  I will not be on auto pilot.  I will be fully engaged and attentive to what is happening.

And today’s Gratitudes for me:  Good health for me and my loved ones, My job that I still have, and that my family is all home with me now.

I hope you are all well and safe.  What are you grateful for today?


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  1. similar to New Zealand now, but we haven’t much freedom – only for what is deemed essential and some of things we that seem essential “are NOT” …. even some of the grocery entities not essential…everywhere social distancing and if you are like me if health issues, mostly home turf with short very local walks for fresh air.

    1. It sounds like they may be more strict there. We still have restaurants open but you can only order take out or curbside pick up. Stay well

      1. only delivery from designated food business, that is set up for online ordering. But that’s not usually fast food chains like Maccas or KFC. I’m in a major city but there are still quite a few issues…

        When we went to level 4 – where you laid your head that night to sleep is your home “bubble” so that’s where you’ve to stay, full stop…getting food is even an issue, depends where you were in the levels before hand, and only one person can go do the shopping, much policing.

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