Is Montauk Dog Friendly? Ask Harry

Is Montauk dog friendly? Where to stay, eat, play and sit on the beach in Montauk, New York 2020

Harry at Duck Walk vineyards in Southold on route to MTK
Stop for lunch. Really yummy and dog friendly and not as crowded as nearby LUNCH restaurant.
Lounge chair outside our cabin at Lenharts.
The Gig Shack in town is dog friendly. Maybe not so much Pete.
Stores often welcome Harry (and us) inside or at least offer a dish of water to dogs on the sidewalk.
Wear masks in shops and crowds.
Dogs and children under 2 excluded.
Dogs allowed on ocean beaches in Montauk before 10 am and after 6 pm in summer.
Harry waiting for Lobster rolls at Gosman’s Dock. Outdoor tables are dog friendly. Watch out for hungry seagulls.
The Jetty at Gosman’s Inlet is next to a dog friendly beach on the calmer Long Island Sound.
Beach by Gosman’s Inlet – a few dogs and small children enjoy a swim.
Harry made friends at the dog park.
Edward Ecker County Park is a spacious field along a north facing beach with a long fishing pier.

Fishing pier at Eckert County Park.
Due to the Pandemic many restaurants have outdoor seating. This place took our temperatures before waiting on us and offered Harry a dish of water.
A visit to Montauk isn’t complete without a trip to the lighthouse. Dogs are welcome to walk around the beach and trails but not inside the museum.
Montauk loves dogs. But watch your children.
And your hairstyles.
Harry is like me. I’m always so sad to leave Montauk
On the way home we stopped at a farm stand for tomatoes and a walk through the lavender field. One more place that welcomed dogs.

I always love Montauk.

Montauk off season is awesome and in the summer it rocks too. After we arrived at our hotel we took the dog to the beach, only to be chased down by a white van. The official claimed he only had 3 tickets left already earmarked for different dogs. We were to consider ourselves lucky to avoid the $100 fine for having a dog on the beach before 6 o’clock so that rule seems to be enforced.

I was apprehensive about bringing Harry on vacation during high season, but he had a great time and so did we.

Places to stay:

Lenhart’s Cottages

We stayed 2 nights in cabin 7B which is attached to several other units so not really a cabin. It is a suite with a kitchenette; coffee pot, stove, refrigerator, sink, a fireplace that only takes Duraflame logs, and 2 lounge chairs outside the door.

The 3rd night a vacancy in room 10 opened. Since the hot water was unpredictable in 7B we moved. Ron, the manager, offered this room at a discounted rate. Our beautiful 2 bedroom suite with fireplace, washer and dryer, full kitchen, private balcony in the back, living room with cable TV and cathedral ceilings was a perfect way to spend an extra night out east.

Places to Eat:

The GIG Shack

Located on Main Street in town, the perfect location for shopping and dining. We had the duck confit wings for an appetizer, and Cesar salads with grilled fish for our entree. The food was delicious. We could have eaten on the sidewalk in the sun but they did allow the dog indoors. They do not have a liquor license but had mocktails on the menu for a hefty $10.00. Maybe bring a shot with you? Just a thought.


Also located in town around the corner from White’s pharmacy. Picnic tables and couches in front welcomed us for a $6.00 beer after our Alcohol Free dinner. We went back on our second night and after they took our temperature were given a choice of dining in the back garden. Fresh seabass and seafood fra diavolo were both appetizing and delicious.

Gosman’s Dock

On the Long Island Sound this dock along the inlet has shops, a fine dining restaurant, and a walk up window which serves lobster rolls, fried clams and even hamburgers. Eat outside and watch fishing boats come arrive with their early morning catches.


Edward Vincent Ecker Sr. County Park

Pretty spot with lots of parking, a well mowed lawn for dogs to run, a rocky waterfront beach and quiet fishing pier, this park is a great place to bring the dog for a run or a visit with new friends during the day when they are not allowed on the ocean beaches.

17 Fun Facts about Montauk and why you should visit.

Montauk, New York. 17 Fun facts to learn about this ocean side resort town and why it is perfect for day trips or weekend getaways

Late one June we checked into the Ronjo motel and heard the glass shattering at the least expensive motel in town.  We drove the Toyota Corolla the 40 miles for our night away in Montauk, at THE END of Long Island, New York.  My parents willingly watched our charming 2 year old son so we could have a romantic night together. After closing the door to our first room alone, in a long time, we heard the screaming followed by glass breaking.  We looked out the sliding door to a crazy pre-college scene.  Prom had been the night before in a nearby town. Many teens had been in the pool area when one boy crashed into a door. He was taken to the hospital and the door soon repaired.  We all settled into our rooms and continued our experience.  Montauk is always an experience to be remembered.

I have visited Montauk, NY regularly for over 21 years since that night and I love it.  As much as the place wants to avoid the establishment, it is taking over, not always in a bad way.  The locals are adamant about keeping it the same and that is cool too.

The town has no traffic lights.

I was recently told, at Liar’s Saloon, that if you have left town for even 5 days, like to have a baby, you are no longer a local.  That is very important.

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Montauk in Winter – Overnight retreat or spa day

Day trips or overnights to the off season beach town of Montauk New York is well worth the visit. Hotels are affordable, the food is good and the ocean soothes the soul. Hiking is free and the ocean air or day at Gurneys spa is guaranteed to help with the healing process.

The best part about visiting Montauk in the winter is the price tag.

Off season beach towns are the best!  Montauk is one of those fishing towns that welcomes tourists for the few summer months with hotels, restaurants, mini-golf and shops and then puts closed for season signs on the windows in the winter for many of the businesses.

The ocean changes it’s personality day by day, and season by season.  Water can be calm and soothing to the soul, it can reflect inner turmoil with waves of fury, or it can create waves that escalate into grand crescendos and softly release and melt back into sea with few ever having witnessed the moment. Watching the sea is one of my favorite things to do.  And in the winter, you can even afford an oceanfront room so you can watch from inside with a cup of coffee in your favorite pajamas and slippers!

Visiting Montauk with family in the summer is ideal.  If you need a girlfriend spa weekend getaway this is a perfect location for indulging in spa activities while even staying for an overnight.  If it is the romantic night away, Montauk is the place.  And even if you are alone, and need a day to reflect and rejuvenate your life, an overnight in Montauk can do the trick.

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Montauk – Budget Friendly Vacation

Montauk, New York has amazing beaches and is conveniently located on Long Island. Budget friendly tips for a great beach vacation.

My happy place, Montauk, was recently written up as the most expensive place to vacation. How can I afford it and why not go somewhere else?

This month was not my first rodeo with vacationing in Montauk. It is easy to get carried away and spend frivolously but there are also some helpful hints to make this beach town reprieve match your budget.

Travel with friends.  Some hotels don’t mind if you bring a blow up mattress to accommodate extra friends.  The more people pitching in for the room, the less you have to pay and the longer you can stay.

While it is possible to fly a private plane to the local airport or hop on a bus or train from Manhattan, traveling by car enables you to pack lots of goodies from home, including food.

Most hotels offer some type of kitchen efficiency area.  Bring a coffee pot, filters and coffee to save on that daily expense.

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