Widow’s Guide to the Girlfriend Getaway

The option for a romantic weekend away is not available these days so I have turned to embracing weekends with the next best thing; The girls.

I am getting pretty good at these and I have to admit that sometimes I think I may be having a lot more fun than I did on those romantic weekends.

Don’t get me wrong.  I loved all the romantic getaways that I got with my husband. We just had a different kind of fun than I get with my girl friends.

So, how to have a great girls weekend? Pack your bag and smile. Here are some fun guidelines that have been working for me.

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From Grief to Joy – Option B

The past week has been a tough one.  It may be because I just came back from the most awesome trip away.  The yoga, writing and surf retreat in Costa Rica was beyond my expectations.  I could easily have seen myself living there for another 2 months – 6 years with no worries!

Leading up to my trip I had anticipated that along with yoga and vegetarian food there would be a detox component and that no alcohol would be available at this resort.  I decided to do a trial run on and give up alcohol for Lent.  I also joined Jenny Craig to lose a few pounds and had planned to exercise to get in amazing physical shape.

Jenny Craig was the easiest as they chat with you about your goals and then give you tiny boxes of food for the week.  You are encouraged to add vegetables to the meals and can replace a dessert with one glass of wine.  Since I am now planning meals for one, this was a no brainer.

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