Join me, Kristin, on my journey to adjust to the sudden death of my husband and learn to live as a young, middle-aged, remarried widow.

Mike was killed across the street from our house on Labor Day weekend, August 28, 2015. 

It was a typical summer Friday evening.  Friends were gathered on the community beach visiting and watching the sunset. My husband left the group to use the restroom in the clubhouse where some neighbors were having a birthday party. That was the last time I saw him alive.

An ambulance arrived and the EMTs told us someone had cardiac arrest.

A neighbor recognized the body that had left the party and told me it looked like my husband. I ran home to check my house and then friends drove me to the hospital where Mike was laying on a table in a private room, dead.

After the police investigation faded, details of the ‘accident’ became suspicious. When the medical examiner determined the cause of death is HOMICIDE due to an altercation, I hired a team of investigators and lawyers to discover what really happened that night.


Thus began a journey of discovery and seeking justice for my husband’s death. Video evidence was located that proved two men attacked and killed my husband.  You can read all about that in my memoir No Simple Highway: A widow’s journey to seek justice for her husband’s death.



I started writing my blog during the summer when I ran away to avoid my first wedding anniversary without my husband as well as the one year anniversary of his passing.  I flew around the world by myself to Thailand in an effort to heal.

After the big trip I struggled with daily activities and tried to positively move forward into my new and different life.  It is not a life I asked for, but once your husband is gone your life is forever changed.  I found joy again, at first in very small things.

Over time I engaged in more day trips alone or with friends.  I traveled to meet friends or even on my own for a yoga and writing retreat in Costa Rica and a grief and healing weekend in Connecticut.  Taking time to do something, anything, can be very helpful and eventually you discover a new normal.  It is not the same, but there could be some unexpected surprises along the way.

The blog and I evolved over time. I have since retired from my teaching job, married a wonderful man, and moved to Florida.

I’ve continued to take travel adventures when I can, despite COVID. I’ve got a part time job working at the beach as a guide for Florida Beach Horses and recently earned my yoga teacher certification. Most exciting is that I have now published Mike’s story in a memoir titled

NO SIMPLE HIGHWAY: A widow’s journey to seek justice for her husband’s death.