Bronx Botanical Garden and Arthur Avenue

I’m always looking for new adventures and the ones where I don’t have to pack a bag and fly somewhere can be a fun diversion and a good way to put off the inevitable chores around the house.

Of course I am looking forward to having my house clean and tidy and clutter free after I start my spring cleaning, but sometimes, really most times, I’d rather do something else!

So on the suggestion of my friend Liz at a recent book club meeting, I encouraged my handsome fiance to take me to see the Orchid show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and follow up the flower visit with a stroll down Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of the Bronx.

Orchids are one of the most intricate looking flowers and boast to have about 28,000 varieties according to Wikipedia. In fact, the number of orchid species is four times the number of mammal species. Huh!

Well, I doubt that the Bronx Botanical Garden had all 28,000 types of orchids, but the ones blooming this past weekend were absolutely stunning.  I’m not sure if I like the flowers so much or the fact that my new iphone 10xs takes amazing photos, especially in the portrait mode.  I feel like a professional photographer after taking over 100 photos and editing them.  I took over 700 on my recent trip to Iceland.

I love this camera / phone!

Here are a few of my favorites:  ENJOY

Bronx Botanical Garden Spring
Bronx Botanical Garden Spring
Bronx Botanical Garden Spring
Bronx Botanical Garden Spring
Bronx Botanical Garden Spring

It is quite warm inside the building so after walking through we had worked up quite a thirst. Back in the trails around the outdoor gardens there wasn’t much to see as it is still March and not much blooming but the refreshment stand was open. They serve hot dogs and pretzels, soft drinks, beer and wine. A little Pilsner on tap hit the spot.

Bronx Botanical Garden Spring

We realized we could simply walk a few blocks past Fordham University and stroll along Arthur Avenue to get some late lunch. Clam and oyster appetizers on the street, handmade cigars, meats and meals in the market, restaurants serving homemade pasta, fresh baked bread in the bakeries and of course pizza; something for everyone on Arthur Avenue.

Arthur Avenue The Bronx
Arthur Avenue Bronx

We split an octopus appetizer, a homemade pappardelle with osso bucco and some Chianti at Gerbasi restaurant. Delish!

Less than an hour away from home but definitely another world.  Where to visit next…

bronx botanical garden and arthur avenue

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