walk across the brooklyn bridge

How to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Since world wide travel opportunities are still limited, making day trips to nearby sites has been my go to for adventure this spring. We will be moving from New York soon, so I have scoured the internet with nearby places of interest to visit before we become full time Floridians.

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Spring at the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay

Up early on a Saturday morning we set off to see spring flowers in full bloom at a nearby state park. Since our Empire Pass expired we paid $8 for parking and spent 2 hours exploring the 409 acre estate. We walked the rolling lawns with labeled trees, formal gardens, fountains and a pool area. An original Gold Coast estate from the Coe family consisting of 65 rooms in a Tudor Revival mansion stands tall and is open for hourly tours at an additional fee.

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Haunted Walk at the King’s Park Insane Asylum

As my anticipated plans for the day fell through, one after the other, I took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine warming the sandy cliffs at the end of Dock Road in nearby Kings Park. I followed the road to the end and discovered a parking lot filled with cars and a beach. It was nice to see people outside enjoying time together after a long winter and one year of social distancing. A group of older men sat together behind their cars as one fellow showed off the tricks his drone could do.

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Researching the Family Tree in Retirement

Great grandfather Berwind and son Leonard

Retirement is starting to take shape for me and I am enjoying the hours of time I have spent on Ancestry.com these past 2 months. My cousin Sue has already done quite a bit of research that is readily available to me, but I am having fun discovering each relative and learning such interesting stories about the past. What a great way to learn history.

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My New York Beach Wedding

As a 55 year old widow I never thought I was going to have so much fun getting married again. Today I celebrate my ONE YEAR anniversary! It has sure thrown us lots to deal with: retirement for one of us, a global pandemic, a home sale, the death of my mom,  a kitchen and bath renovation and both my kids coming home to live with us for a while during it all. Moving forward every day has been my motto.

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Fire Island Lighthouse Robert Moses

14 Awesome Things to do this Summer on Long Island

For the past several summers I have put my United States passport to good use and traveled around the world.  I’ve shared photos and posts about some exciting places but my most popular post is about a small town in upstate New York, 17 things to do in Ithaca.

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