Signs from Loved Ones: Is there life after death?

red cardinal bird perched on brown tree branch

Keeping an open mind, I believe we recognize signs from our deceased loved ones, if we accept that it is possible.

In the book Hello From Heaven by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, the authors collected more than 3,300 accounts of people who claim they have been contacted by a deceased loved one. Their book highlights fascinating to read ADC (after-death communications) and illustrates numerous ways spirit has connected with people.

Birds and Butterflies

In our family we have pretty much agreed that seeing a red cardinal is a visit from our dad.  I don’t see them as much here in Florida, but that is our sign.  For my mom, we got a bit trickier.  She sends us rainbows and white dolphins.

When the butterfly landed on my beer can and started sipping as I sat in a poolside lounge chair in Thailand on the first anniversary of Mike’s death, I took that as a sign that he was still with me. I visited a psychic medium a few months after Mike died and she told me that he sends me blue jays.  Sure enough, I used to see one fly in front of my car on my 3 minute commute to work every day. 

Because of their ties to the spiritual world, many people believe birds act as messengers from deceased loved ones or guardian angels. 

Dimes and Feathers

One common sign people mention is finding white feathers in odd places. Immediately after my husband passed, his cousin and mother started finding dimes in the craziest of places. They felt strongly that these were signs from Mike letting them know he is still with us.

My mom believed that the golf balls that kept showing up in her path in unusual places was a sign from her husband. I have a friend who finds unique stones shaped like hearts that she feels her dad sends her. When it happens more than a couple of times, you start to believe it too.

Number Sequences

Another common occurrence is noticing numbers that repeat over and over again. 11:11 is a particularly significant number that is believed to mean your guardian angel is nearby and wants us to focus on positive thoughts. Within numerology, a repetitive sequence or pattern of numbers that hold personal significance and may signal messages from our spiritual guides. Angel numbers are numbers that repeat like 222 or 333 and you actually take time to notice them

After Mike died, I kept seeing my birthday numbers on the digital clocks. I thought it was very odd that I saw it so often. When I went on my first date after being widowed almost two years, the handsome man I met (and later married) also shared my same birthdate! I felt like that was a sign we were meant to be together.

Along with numbers, house numbers and license plates or letters may also are be significant to someone looking for signs.

Dream Visitations

After a loved one dies, many people wish they could have a visitation in their dreams. It can be very comforting to hear from loved ones that they are Ok or to even just see them looking healthy.

I had a dream where Mike was visiting me at my cousin’s beach house in Connecticut where I used to spend my summers as a kid. My (deceased) dad was in the dream too and he told me that Mike could stay overnight but he had to leave in the morning. We camped out by the front door under my light blue bed comforter I used to have on my bed in high school. It was a nice dream, but he did have to leave in the end.

Hospice workers often witness that as people get close to dying, they begin to mention visits from deceased. Some of those visits happen when the patient is awake and these episodes have been recorded in Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ research on death and dying.

Electronic Devices

Some people believe the spirit realm may use electrical energy This includes telephone calls and interesting messages left. The phone rings and no one is there. Maybe the cell phone rings in a dream and the deceased actually speaks to you. Did that sound like your mom’s voice? Are our loved ones trying to get our attention?

Lights may flicker on and off. Kitchen appliances turn on at odd times. TV or the radio comes on and it sounds like someone called our name first. It’s not unusual for people to connect a strange electronic connection with a deceased loved one.

Smells or Touches

Typical scents that people notice include perfumes or colognes, soaps and lotions, or cigarette smoke. The olfactory after-death communication is something that is inconsistent with the environment. In fact, there is no visible sign of where that scent could be coming from.

People will often say they felt like someone touched them, but no one was there. This feeling of being touched or feeling like someone is in the bed often is witnessed between asleep and awake times. The fact that so many people talk about smells and / or tactile feelings makes me think it could be real and related to a message from beyond.


Everyone has a favorite song that brings us back in time to a familiar memory and time. Some songs have more significance than others.

On special anniversaries or moments when you may not be feeling so happy, a song comes on the radio that makes you stop. This year on the 8th year anniversary of Mike’s passing, that song “Hello” by Adele came on the radio which I had not heard in years. It was playing all the time 8 years ago and those haunting words “Hello from the other side…” It felt like a little message from Mike that day.

Psychic Mediumship Readings

I spent an amazing summer weekend with the Forever Family Foundation in Connecticut the first year after my husband died. I had a positive experience bonding with other people going through grief. Several certified psychic mediums did group readings and I was fortunate to have Mike come through with messages for me during those sessions. I trusted the Forever Family Foundation to have vetted the certified mediums who interacted with us during our weekend, however, be careful of wasting money on psychics with little spiritual experience or limited recommendations.

After the weekend, I bought a book by six year anniversary of our first date and it is true, life goes on.

I wonder how this effects what I had with Mike. People say  “he’d want you to be happy” but knowing him, I think he would not be so happy that I was married someone else. This used to worry me and give me guilt wrenched nightmares.  So I asked Mike to send me a sign.  Is he OK with all of this?

I went to see the author Laura Lynn Jackson at the Book Revue in Huntington. She read part of her book “Signs”  and gave an encouraging talk about how we can ask our spirit guides for messages sent from the other side.

I have seen her work as a psychic medium with a large group before and was overwhelmed with the messages she gave to others.   She made it clear that you don’t need to see a psychic medium to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. She says they are trying to connect with us and we just have to be open and listen.

Laura ended her presentation with a homework assignment. She said butterflies and birds and dimes are too easy. Challenge your loved ones with a specific request. Something out of the ordinary. Pick a number sequence and an animal and a word or phrase. Tell them to send it to you and they will find a way to do it.

So while waiting in line to get our books signed my friend and I picked 2 animals. She chose penguin and I said baby giraffe.

The next morning my friend texted me a picture. She excitedly sent me a photo that appeared on her Facebook page of a penguin! Later while putting books away in my kindergarten classroom I scanned through a book to see if I should donate it or keep it and sure enough, skimming quickly I landed on a page with a giraffe.  A baby giraffe!  I had to laugh.

baby giraffe

I chose a word as well. A tricky word from one of Mike’s favorite songs called Waterloo Sunset. Sunset seemed too easy, so I picked “Waterloo”.

In the afternoon I was going to read a book to my class about sea animals because I had this cute jellyfish project to make with them. As I sat down in my reading chair, I happened to see Dr. Seuss’s 𝑨𝑩𝑪 book and told the kids I love this book so we’ll read this one first. Wasn’t I shocked when I got to the W page:


My eyes popped out of my head as I stumbled over the words. I really did get chills.

I think Mike gives me signs that he is OK and watching over us.  Asking for specific signs like Laura suggested seemed far fetched at first, but it really did work. 

On Mother’s Day, my sister and I remember my mom with a day out together. This year we visited the jungle garden and enjoyed a delicious lunch in Sarasota and then did some shopping in St. Armands Circle. 

Mom swam with dolphins back in the 1980’s at Discovery Cove, before it was a thing that everyone could do on vacation.  She loved the beach and dolphins and always visited the Wyland gallery when in Sarasota.  As my sister and I walked into the shop, the first piece we saw was a large framed lithograph of 3 white dolphins.  It is perfect for a wall in our Florida home and I am sure mom had something to do with that! It was almost getting a hug from her on Mother’s Day.


Challenge yourself today and I hope you get the signs you want!

Signs From Beyond


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  1. step forward next week when your next chapter begins (officially)…every relationship grows as you also move along in the forthcoming decades…enjoy

  2. I just discovered your blog. My husband died in January 2020. He had been sick for eight years, on Hospice at home the last 18 months. I was his primary caregiver. We were happily married 42 years.

    You already have a boyfriend!!
    I am so sad and lonely. I am terrified that I will be alone and lonely for the rest of my life. I try to “be social “ but how am I supposed to do that with THE COVID?? Anyway my self esteem is nonexistent (hence the terror) I was hopeful for gaining insight here. I hope I can glean some wisdom and a plan of action. I really don’t want to be alone the rest of my life! I want to have a lot of friends and have fun just like you! I admire your attitude and I’m glad you found someone. I hope I can too

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. 42 years is a long time. Congratulations ❤️Due to COVID it is tough to get out and meet people. I do have friends who are still chatting on some dating sites and even some people going out. You have the right attitude. It’s time for you now. Have some fun adventures.

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