What happens in Atlantic City sometimes stays on your wrist

Yes. I could have just snuck away for a few days.  And I did.   It wasn’t a well planned trip. Spur of the moment would be the term. I had a long weekend with no plans. A friend invited me to join her in Atlantic City and so I did. We always have so much fun!

I had visited Atlantic City once before with my husband Mike. He told me the area was very dangerous so we stayed in the fancy Borgata Hotel. That place is huge. It has good restaurants, an indoor pool, many bars and entertainment venues as well as all types of gambling. After spending my $20 on slot machines, Mike and I were done with gambling  stayed inside and enjoyed our getaway.


So my friend has been visiting AC with her family for years. She was not afraid of walking around so neither was I.  We walked down the boardwalk. There were massage parlors everywhere, like in Thailand. We had a few. 20 minutes for $20. Then they talk you into a few more minutes.  We tried the $5 psychic but of course she wanted more  money too.  We bought hats, earrings, bags and a few other silly things.  We ate some good food and walked through a few casinos. We had a few drinks. Then we got tattoos.

Inside the tattoo parlor there were so many choices. I looked through some nautical pictures then found a beautiful artistic Thai sign for the word BREATHE. It was perfect. The well tatted up man working there printed out the size I wanted and made a little ink tattoo on my arm.  Then the real tattoo artist with the steady hand used a sterilized machine to painfully paint the design black. We both had designs put on our wrist which we were told is the most sensitive spot.  After an hour we took the taped bandage off and impressed our waiters at the restaurant with our beautiful new additions. I’m glad I got mine.



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