Montauk – Budget Friendly Vacation

My happy place, Montauk, was recently written up as the most expensive place to vacation. How can I afford it and why not go somewhere else?

This month was not my first rodeo with vacationing in Montauk. It is easy to get carried away and spend frivolously but there are also some helpful hints to make this beach town reprieve match your budget.

Travel with friends.  Some hotels don’t mind if you bring a blow up mattress to accommodate extra friends.  The more people pitching in for the room, the less you have to pay and the longer you can stay.

While it is possible to fly a private plane to the local airport or hop on a bus or train from Manhattan, traveling by car enables you to pack lots of goodies from home, including food.

Most hotels offer some type of kitchen efficiency area.  Bring a coffee pot, filters and coffee to save on that daily expense.

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