I Don’t Want to go to Kindergarten…

This will be my 31st year as a teacher, and maybe I should have quit at 30.

Sometimes I stay too long at the party and considering how school, especially kindergarten is supposed to look this year I will admit it. I don’t want to go.

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He’s gone -It’s OK to say their name

After spending the past thirty 4th of July’s together, which was also my husband’s birthday, grief comes back full swing and is one of the more difficult holidays to get through for me.

Year one I made a nice Facebook post with photos. Then I made sure to be away from home. My brother and sister and mom and our kids joined us in Cape Cod for a family reunion. This ensured a good distraction and no one really mentioned Mike. Avoiding pain and sadness was my immediate goal. My family was hopeful that I’d be OK, so I was.

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