Finding Joy in 2020

Easy to hop on the bandwagon and kick this year out of the park. I certainly agree that it was awful and unpredictable and annoying. But if you think about it and you, like me, are still alive here on this planet, I bet we can recall a few moments that brought us joy this year.

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Researching the Family Tree in Retirement

Great grandfather Berwind and son Leonard

Retirement is starting to take shape for me and I am enjoying the hours of time I have spent on these past 2 months. My cousin Sue has already done quite a bit of research that is readily available to me, but I am having fun discovering each relative and learning such interesting stories about the past. What a great way to learn history.

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Early Retirement during the Pandemic

Three weeks into retirement and I have to admit, it feels like 3 years. 2020 has been an odd year for everyone. Retiring during a pandemic is a bit anticlimatic.

In January I was offered a retirement incentive at work. Being of a certain age I was eligible. My husband of 6 months had retired but I did not feel ready yet, so decided to wait at least one more year and declined the golden handshake.

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