photo of woman meditating

The Unexpected Joy of Doing Nothing

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve spent the week skiing in the snow covered Rockies with 3 “kids” in their 20s. I’m rockin it.

I get up and make us eggs and coffee. We catch the shuttle and spend hours riding lifts and making S turns down the blue runs. The sun comes out for 20 minutes and then snow flurries begin. We stop for lunch. Then back to it.

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Haunted Walk at the King’s Park Insane Asylum

As my anticipated plans for the day fell through, one after the other, I took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine warming the sandy cliffs at the end of Dock Road in nearby Kings Park. I followed the road to the end and discovered a parking lot filled with cars and a beach. It was nice to see people outside enjoying time together after a long winter and one year of social distancing. A group of older men sat together behind their cars as one fellow showed off the tricks his drone could do.

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