Bloganuary 20 – What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

I’m always late to these things, but I’ve been visiting my blog and others this month and came across the January challenge. Ever since the invention of the Iphone I have taken so many photos. My favorite…OK the top 3:

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How to Make a Chakra / Rainbow Garden

Currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training program at Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton, Florida, I am in awe of the Chakra garden created by the owners. The peaceful, quiet garden surrounded by lush native plants in the country is a perfect setting for inspiration gained in all that I am learning.

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Retirement Year One – 5 Takeaways

You are not your job

One of the hardest things to decide was when to leave my job as a kindergarten teacher. Most of the time I loved my job. Once I was in the classroom, it was a wonderful little universe that I had created just the way I wanted. The children were happy and learning. I was having fun and being creative. I had an important purpose teaching young people to love reading and school.

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