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Remembering loved ones on their birthday

It has been six years since Mike has been here to celebrate his birthday but I always think of him on his birthday, the fourth of July. He loved having his birthday on the fourth as people always celebrated and had a party on that day, even fireworks! This year he would have been 58 and for 30 plus years we shared those holidays together.

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Researching the Family Tree in Retirement

Great grandfather Berwind and son Leonard

Retirement is starting to take shape for me and I am enjoying the hours of time I have spent on Ancestry.com these past 2 months. My cousin Sue has already done quite a bit of research that is readily available to me, but I am having fun discovering each relative and learning such interesting stories about the past. What a great way to learn history.

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How Grief is like a Home Renovation

I’m not one who relishes in change.  When things are going along well, I like to keep it that way.

This is why we never really bit the bullet and made any major changes to the house.  Some new paint color one time made a difference but making big changes seemed too overwhelming to us.

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Top 11 Memorable Moments of 2019

Always fun to relive the year and think about the highs and the lows.  This year I did get my fill of traveling.  I started home renovations and it was relatively painless and such an improvement.  I went to my youngest child’s college graduation (and celebrated the oldest son’s graduation from law school which occurred the same day).

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Don’t Bring Green Smoothies to the Nursing Home

The dimly lit entrance way welcomed me Sunday morning as I went to visit my mom in the nursing home.  That is a sentence I never thought I would write.  It may sound better if I call it the rehab center but it is mostly a nursing home.

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Air canada to Tokyo alleviate anxiety

The Missed Flight, and other travel mishaps.

The Missed Flight

On September 11, 2015, 2 weeks after my husband died, I booked a flight to Ole Miss to visit my son who was a freshman on parents weekend.

Mike and I had flown to Mississippi at the end of August to bring our youngest to college, just as we had done with our older son. Once situated we left him to meet new friends and we spent a few days in New Orleans.

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10 ways to have an adventure while visiting family in Florida.

During a sales presentation for time shares near Disney World, we were scoffed at for saying that staying with family was how we intended to enjoy our vacation. “Surely you want more than a visit with FAMILY” the woman sneered. … Continue reading 10 ways to have an adventure while visiting family in Florida.