Ultimate Family Travel by train: Europe or Bust

When my grandmother died at the age of 82 she left some money to each of her children. My mom, who had just lost her mother, could have told my dad to use the money to pay the credit card bills… but she didn’t.  She was determined to use that extra cash to conduct a “legacy” trip in my grandmother’s honor.

The trip she planned, with the help of a travel agent friend, coincided with my third year of college; the semester I studied in England.  I had planned to use a Eurail pass and travel around Europe with a friend. My friend and I planned all sorts of adventures to countries and scheduled in dates to meet my mom and brother and sister in Rome.

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Is 3 Days Enough in Rome?

When your son gets to study abroad, it is only appropriate that you find a way to share the experience. But how do you make the most of a long weekend in Italy?

Four days in Rome was all I had.  I visited Rome briefly back in 1984 when I did the 2 month Eurail pass with a friend in college.  We had stayed overnight in a hostel near the train station which was a notoriously bad area.  Wary of pick pockets and crowds, I recall the dirty streets and crazy traffic. So I admit, while I was excited to go back to Italy, my expectations for Rome were pretty low.

Wasn’t I in for a wonderful surprise!

Rome is Beautiful!

I was impressed at how clean the city is.  Modern buildings with scattered Roman ruins carefully preserved and hidden among narrow alleys.  Happy tourists and attractive Italians walking the streets dressed conservatively in chic dresses, designer shoes and fitted masculine attire.

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