Widows can gain confidence with Travel Therapy

After my husband died and the widow fog started to clear I began to feel anxious about doing just about everything. I wanted to get out and travel.  I wanted to not be a sad and lonely widow.  I just had a difficult time taking that first step.

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Tokyo temple Asakusa Senso-ji

11 Days in Japan: Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto

Research, recommendations and meeting up with a small tour ensured a successful and amazing introduction to Japan. After reading numerous blogs and reviews of tour companies, I arranged my trip to cover the classic sights of Japan including the modern city of Tokyo, the peaceful mountains and lakes with hot springs in the Hakone region and the historical areas in Kyoto.


My tour began at the Narita airport which is a 2 hour drive from downtown Tokyo.  Fortunately I received a IC Transport Card and directions in the mail before leaving so I knew which train to look for.  It is a bit overwhelming to be so independent and self reliant.  There was no one with a sign and my name to greet me.  I had to figure this out, alone.  So after getting my luggage, I found the information center.

I was greeted kindly by English speaking guides who wrote the names of the 2 stops that I needed to get off at to arrive at the station near my hotel. They clearly directed me to the correct track and the trains are well marked.

This first adventure empowered me as the trains were clean and easy to follow.  The signs are in Japanese and English and they announce clearly which station is coming up next.

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Air canada to Tokyo alleviate anxiety

The Missed Flight, and other travel mishaps.

The Missed Flight

On September 11, 2015, 2 weeks after my husband died, I booked a flight to Ole Miss to visit my son who was a freshman on parents weekend.

Mike and I had flown to Mississippi at the end of August to bring our youngest to college, just as we had done with our older son. Once situated we left him to meet new friends and we spent a few days in New Orleans.

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Is Vegas the City for…Kids?

The pool area erupted with squeals and cries and kids running past my lounge chair. I’m a nice lady and like kids and all but what is going on? This is Las Vegas, not Disneyworld, right?

My visit to Las Vegas was amazing. So much fun and such a diversity of entertainment.

Initially I went to Las Vegas, this time, for the SDE (staff development for educators) conference. I was honestly excited to attend several workshops on play in early education and early literacy. The conference was impressive. I had lunch and dinner with teachers from across the country.  We laughed over shared stories and challenges that face us no matter where we live.

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Surprising Benefits of Touring with a Small Group in Thailand

I would highly recommend using a small group travel company like G Adventures if you plan to see a lot of places in a developing country like Thailand. The #1 reason is that the itinerary has been decided for you based on places and things that other people recommend and they provide lovely air conditioned vans or flights for you to get around. I never would have planned a train ride, visit to a war museum and a cemetery but that is where we visited on day two.

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Is 3 Days Enough in Rome?

When your son gets to study abroad, it is only appropriate that you find a way to share the experience. But how do you make the most of a long weekend in Italy?

Four days in Rome was all I had.  I visited Rome briefly back in 1984 when I did the 2 month Eurail pass with a friend in college.  We had stayed overnight in a hostel near the train station which was a notoriously bad area.  Wary of pick pockets and crowds, I recall the dirty streets and crazy traffic. So I admit, while I was excited to go back to Italy, my expectations for Rome were pretty low.

Wasn’t I in for a wonderful surprise!

Rome is Beautiful!

I was impressed at how clean the city is.  Modern buildings with scattered Roman ruins carefully preserved and hidden among narrow alleys.  Happy tourists and attractive Italians walking the streets dressed conservatively in chic dresses, designer shoes and fitted masculine attire.

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