walk across the brooklyn bridge

How to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Since world wide travel opportunities are still limited, making day trips to nearby sites has been my go to for adventure this spring. We will be moving from New York soon, so I have scoured the internet with nearby places of interest to visit before we become full time Floridians.

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Tokyo temple Asakusa Senso-ji

11 Days in Japan: Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto

Research, recommendations and meeting up with a small tour ensured a successful and amazing introduction to Japan. After reading numerous blogs and reviews of tour companies, I arranged my trip to cover the classic sights of Japan including the modern city of Tokyo, the peaceful mountains and lakes with hot springs in the Hakone region and the historical areas in Kyoto.


My tour began at the Narita airport which is a 2 hour drive from downtown Tokyo.  Fortunately I received a IC Transport Card and directions in the mail before leaving so I knew which train to look for.  It is a bit overwhelming to be so independent and self reliant.  There was no one with a sign and my name to greet me.  I had to figure this out, alone.  So after getting my luggage, I found the information center.

I was greeted kindly by English speaking guides who wrote the names of the 2 stops that I needed to get off at to arrive at the station near my hotel. They clearly directed me to the correct track and the trains are well marked.

This first adventure empowered me as the trains were clean and easy to follow.  The signs are in Japanese and English and they announce clearly which station is coming up next.

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Ultimate Thailand Experience: Bathing Elephants in the Mud

Mike died almost a year ago but he was in my dream the night before what would have been our 26th anniversary and gave me a wonderful message.  I know I am grieving and a widow but I felt happy to wake up today.  I had such a good marriage with him and I have had more than a few dream visits so I knew today would be great.  Also, I was on my way to play with the elephants!

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