Healthy choices and swimsuit season: Which diet works?

Sometimes in life we experience a really big pothole.  Losing a spouse can feel like you have fell into the bottomless pit.  Avoiding the reality of loss or wallowing in the sadness are not the best ways to deal with loss. But each person has their own path.  Eventually you do have to come out of that pit and face the world again.  Isn’t it amazing that life does go on?  As a new widow or widower, you look at people and nature and can’t believe that everything didn’t stop when your loved one died.  It’s a fact. Life goes on.

It may take some time to get back to a good place.  You have been through something traumatic and that has changed you.  If you let it, it will make you stronger.  It will give you new perspective.  Little things that used to bother you will no longer phase you.  You know it could be worse.  The heat stopped working? Nothing to make for dinner? The bill is overdue? No big deal.  You can fix these things.

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