Why I’m glad I worked when the kids were little

“When they are babies they need to be fed and changed. Anyone can do that. But when they become teens, that’s when you need to be around”

After lamenting how I wished I could stay home with my baby, a colleague and fellow mother reassured me with that memorable statement. It seemed so harsh. Don’t I need to bond by reading stories and interacting all day with my infant. Surely no one else could do that as well as me.

But then it did make me feel a little better. I could set up good routines for the rest of the day and put housework aside on the weekends so we could make memories and bond as a family. I trusted the day care to feed and change the boys and besides, my husband was in law school so someone had to work.

I rinsed out my Tupperware container and headed back to the classroom – feeling just a tad less guilty than I had 40 minutes earlier.

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