5 Free Fun Things to do in Florida

5 Free fun things to do in Florida as a widow traveling alone or with family and friends.

A day at Siesta Key Beach

It’s fun to see a place for the first time. I have been to Florida, but this is my first visit to Siesta Key. I went out for an early morning walk. The beach started out with powdery white sand, so soft. The flip flops came off right away. As soon as I reached the […]

Coping with the flu, alone…

The Flu.  It starts with a little cough.  Maybe you are not feeling up to the noise in your life.  What has happened?  Another cough.  You feel lethargic.  Not up to joining in the day.  Suddenly you feel cold.  A chill.  You need blankets. Bed. Last week I experienced the flu.  I chose not to […]

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