A day at Siesta Key Beach

It’s fun to see a place for the first time. I have been to Florida, but this is my first visit to Siesta Key. I went out for an early morning walk. The beach started out with powdery white sand, so soft. The flip flops came off right away. As soon as I reached the shore, I looked out and saw several dolphins swimming and splashing about.



Men doing side plank on the beach


Dolphins out there. Really!







I walked for about 3 miles. It was fun looking for photo opportunities. I found a place to have lunch in Siesta Key Village called Siesta Key Oyster Bar. It has good reviews on Yelp and live music playing at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon. Nice way to spend a warm partly cloudy day in Florida!




At the age of 51 I unexpectedly became a widow. For the first 6 months after my husband died, I was in shock and numb. I journaled and with the help of friends, family and therapists was able to get back to living my old life, even if it is now very different. Before I was married, I had spent a semester in England and backpacked around Europe. My husband and I moved from New York to California for 8 years and started a family. Travelling took a back seat to raising a family and going to work everyday. Since the loss of my husband I have visited a lot of places with family and friends and took a solo trip to Thailand. I am enjoying sharing my stories and adventures as well as some of my insights to how I am traveling the path of being a widow. I hope to share my stories and adventures as well as some thoughts on being a middle aged widow. While I have some great experiences traveling to Thailand and cruising to Central America, some of my adventures involve a trip to see a Broadway show in nearby Manhattan and a shopping trip at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If I can inspire anyone to go out and continue to live a good life that would be my greatest accomplishment.

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  1. hehehe I can almost see the dolphins out there. Regardless, looks like a beautiful spring day (which is far warmer than we’re experiencing here in Romania right now). Thanks for reminding me that Spring is right around the corner!

  2. Addie says:

    A fun walk and cool observations, especially for those looking out at snow.

  3. Liz says:

    Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed.

  4. That looks like a wonderful beach walk! We are getting whales off our coast this time of year, but they are even harder to see from shore. Enjoy your stay!

  5. agshap says:

    I miss living near the beach although it is not that far from me now. Just waiting for warmer weather. Enjoy

  6. nrhatch says:

    Siesta Key is just south of us ~ beautiful beach and fun shops. Love the minion you found while out strolling . . . “Buddies!”

  7. cedar51 says:

    great phtoes of just ordinary looking things with a holiday twist to themm

  1. February 5, 2021

    […] A day at Siesta Key Beach […]

  2. July 26, 2022

    […] Voted the #1 Beach in the USA. The extremely soft, fine sand feels like a mix of sugar and flour.  It sticks to your skin, but comes right off in the clear, salty gulf water.  Walk from the beach into Siesta Key village for an oyster Po’ Boy at The Old Salty Dog. Check out my post for more information about my day at Siesta Key. https://runawaywidow.blog/2017/02/22/a-day-at-siesta-key-beach/ […]

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