Battling the Enemy: perseverance

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Montauk point light house

Montauk in Winter – Overnight retreat or spa day

The best part about visiting Montauk in the winter is the price tag.

Off season beach towns are the best!  Montauk is one of those fishing towns that welcomes tourists for the few summer months with hotels, restaurants, mini-golf and shops and then puts closed for season signs on the windows in the winter for many of the businesses.

The ocean changes it’s personality day by day, and season by season.  Water can be calm and soothing to the soul, it can reflect inner turmoil with waves of fury, or it can create waves that escalate into grand crescendos and softly release and melt back into sea with few ever having witnessed the moment. Watching the sea is one of my favorite things to do.  And in the winter, you can even afford an oceanfront room so you can watch from inside with a cup of coffee in your favorite pajamas and slippers!

Visiting Montauk with family in the summer is ideal.  If you need a girlfriend spa weekend getaway this is a perfect location for indulging in spa activities while even staying for an overnight.  If it is the romantic night away, Montauk is the place.  And even if you are alone, and need a day to reflect and rejuvenate your life, an overnight in Montauk can do the trick.

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Surprising Benefits of Touring with a Small Group in Thailand

I would highly recommend using a small group travel company like G Adventures if you plan to see a lot of places in a developing country like Thailand. The #1 reason is that the itinerary has been decided for you based on places and things that other people recommend and they provide lovely air conditioned vans or flights for you to get around. I never would have planned a train ride, visit to a war museum and a cemetery but that is where we visited on day two.

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two man hiking on snow mountain

Moving Forward After Loss

You hear it a lot in the widow world, I’m not moving on – I’m moving forward.  The idea of moving on appears to skip past something and aimlessly move.  When you envision yourself moving forward, it means you have acknowledge what happened and you are moving in the direction of self healing.  You don’t have to necessarily accept the tragedy, but you are no longer in the denial stage.  It happened.  Next…

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WIDOW TO WIDOW – Advice on dating and moving forward from my mom

“I don’t want to have a dead husband,” I screamed to my mom as we sat at the dining room table addressing the 250th thank you card.  It was 3 weeks after he died.  It was time to thank all the people who had made an effort to express their condolences.

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Why I’m glad I worked when the kids were little

“When they are babies they need to be fed and changed. Anyone can do that. But when they become teens, that’s when you need to be around”

After lamenting how I wished I could stay home with my baby, a colleague and fellow mother reassured me with that memorable statement. It seemed so harsh. Don’t I need to bond by reading stories and interacting all day with my infant. Surely no one else could do that as well as me.

But then it did make me feel a little better. I could set up good routines for the rest of the day and put housework aside on the weekends so we could make memories and bond as a family. I trusted the day care to feed and change the boys and besides, my husband was in law school so someone had to work.

I rinsed out my Tupperware container and headed back to the classroom – feeling just a tad less guilty than I had 40 minutes earlier.

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