I survived the Bomb Cyclone!

Centerport Harbor in Winter

I thought Thunder Snow was a scary term but we really had to brace ourselves for this one!

The past few winters we have had major winter storms with heavy winds.  I bought a generator after Hurricane Sandy but it sits in my garage gathering dust and would not do much if the power went out during the winter.  That is one of those things that a husband is supposed to take care of, but since I am now a widow, I should do something about that.

My back up plan if the power goes out is to go next door with a bottle of wine.  My neighbor has a working fireplace so it’s good to have a plan.

The wind was strong yesterday and lasted for hours.  I went out for an early morning walk today.  It is 11 degrees outside but with wind chill factor it is real feel negative 10-20 degrees.  It is frigid!

But it is also beautiful.  Crazy wind and birds in the storm videos.  Sunshine snow photos to follow.  A few puppy pics as well.  Enjoy…

Harry telling me he can’t get outside
Patio furniture after the storm. Umbrella came into the house.
Morning after the bomb cyclone. Garbage cans blown down!
Centerport Harbor in Winter
Centerport Harbor is frozen
The strong winds blew the 12 inches of snow off the sand.
Snow plow has been here
Harry didn’t last long outside
Beach in Winter
Interesting patterns in the wind blown snow
Beach in Winter, Centerport New York
Two boats did not make it to sure before the deep freeze.


Wind blown kayaks
Harry made his own bomb cyclone with his new toys

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snow pants

face mask

ski gloves


25 Responses

  1. The snow looks pretty from inside the house… I give you a lot of credit for getting out there…

  2. it looks pretty for sure, but where I live in the Southern Hemisphere in my part of my country we don’t do “snow” – rather we often do Pacific tropical storms or tail-end of cyclones (hurricanes) we had just experienced that in the last few days – summer has taken a nose dive for sure.

      1. sunshine returned in full bloom on yesterday, so the other problem that occurred when the weather went “belly up” namely began the ditch digging on the property on the wet, wet day – lots of mud everywhere, is not much drier. Still at the drain overhaull, but looks like maybe today they will fill in the ditch – I think waiting for council approval on new layout…- then when that is done – clearing the whole long driveway to put in a new concrete dtriveway pad…hope it is done soon, as my peace/quiet sorely tested.

  3. Wow, what a wind! I would certainly be panicking a little bit, but it seems you handled it pretty well. I love the after-storm photos, the snow is indeed beautiful. xx

    1. It was really cold right after that storm. The water is frozen in the harbor which doesn’t happen very often. Supposed to go up to 50 this weekend though. Thanks for reading.

  4. I love your take on the storm! Our generator, the pretty red one, sits in the garage as well! Beautiful photos and glad Harry got into the spirit of things. I too need a plan for the next big outtage. 🙂

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