Mrs. or Ms. What do we call the widow?

Mrs. or Ms. What do we call the widow? After the loss of a spouse do we change our name? Continue reading Mrs. or Ms. What do we call the widow?

Time doesn’t heal – it conceals

I read that this morning and thought to myself – Truth!

This week marked the 3rd year anniversary that my husband died unexpectedly the Friday night of Labor Day weekend.

I have been doing well overall; I work full time, I still live in my house, I travel and I even have a boyfriend.

But this week it all came back to me again.

A lot of the discomfort comes from anticipating that date.  I have been proactive in the past with planning trips for a purposeful diversion.  My close friends and family reach out with virtual hugs and comforting words which help me feel not so alone.  That was so appreciated.

So, even though life is good, I was surprised to find myself sobbing in the car last week and using the bottom of my skirt to wipe my face.  Maybe time doesn’t heal all wounds.

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