Summer Travels, Adventures and Challenges – moving forward

After a few rainy days it is so nice to wake up to the sun shining on summer again.  The air is fresh and delightful this morning and my life is getting back to normal after a fun month of travel, adventures and challenges.

As a teacher, the first week of summer is always an adjustment.  Do I organize my bills? Plant more flowers? Catch up with housework? Feed the kids? Shop? Have lunch with friends? I usually wander in circles until something fun develops.  If a few items are completed on my “to do” list, then I can play.

A weekend in Philadelphia was my first adventure this summer.  I went to a graduation party and then spent a day exploring the city. I will write a post for spending a day walking around “The City of Brotherly Love”.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Next came a challenge as I once again faced Mike’s 4th of July birthday without him. It’s hard to not recollect all the fond memories of our 30 years of shared holidays and this day was no exception.  I did my best to participate in a BBQ and conversation, but at one point I vanished into a back bedroom for a nap.  We need to know when we have had enough.

This summer my big trip was 8 nights in Colorado with 2 of my dearest friends that I have known forever.  Hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountains, eating out, listening to music at the “RIDE Festival” in Telluride and visiting relatives made this trip one that will not soon be forgotten. Look for my “Healing with Hiking in Telluride” blog post.

RIDE Festival, TellurideBridal Veil Falls, Telluride

Reality settled in after that trip when I had to meet with lawyers and gather more paperwork over the wrongful death lawsuit filed on my behalf.  Having to recall the tragic events of the night my husband was killed is unimaginably painful and upsetting but it is something that I feel strongly needs to be brought to justice so I will do what I can to make that happen.

Finally, I can wrap up this month with a wonderful visit from my brother and sister and their families.  My home is located near a beach and I am so thrilled when family comes to visit, especially in the summer.  Kayaks, paddle boards, motorboats and sailboats were sometimes expertly maneuvered.  At one point we had 14 of us on the swim area float playing a variety of games as directed from the youngest amongst us.


After a long lonely winter, it was fun to shop at COSTCO and get food for the masses.  Over the weekend 15 people slumbered here with borrowed blow up mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows. This is why I wanted to live here – to be able to share my home and love with friends and family.

Now that everyone is gone, except my sons, maybe I’ll start working on those bills or housework? Maybe I’ll workout and start focusing on making some healthy choices? Most likely I will cross off 3 things on my to do list, then go find something fun to do.  What are you doing today? Lunch anyone?

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  1. My days have become extremely interesting, I took a very short break/retreat a few weeks ago (possibly a month ago) and came back with new insights especially in my art practice and I’m having a “ball” – so many other great things occurring – one of my dearest friends said she could definitely see the “joy in my life”…

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