Oyster Bay Long Island – OysterFest and more

Fall weekends in New York are ideal for bike riding, visiting local vineyards, picking apples and of course taking in the local delicacies like oysters, fried or freshly shucked, at the Oyster Bay OysterFest!

I love seafood and am not at all squeamish about tasting some fresh oysters just shucked out of the sea before my eyes.  I am not alone.  The line for the oysters was longer than any ski lift line I have been on in recent years!

oyster bay oysterfest long Island

Parking to the OysterFest is a bit of a challenge.  Some students from the Oyster Bay high school were charging $20 per car to park on the front lawn of the school.  I wonder if they had asked the principal?

We enjoyed a nice stroll along the street on our way toward the food tents, the crafts and the rides near the water.

Oyster Bay

oyster bay

Several church buildings have stood on this site since 1705.  During the Revolutionary War it served as a soldiers barracks.  This Carpenter Gothic style building was erected as Christ Church Episcopal Church in 1870.

oyster bay


We enjoyed walking through the main road, which was closed off to cars.  When we arrived at the food area, I was drawn first to the sea.  What a fun surprise to see the old fire boats.


Suddenly I was sure that I heard Billy Joel – could it be him or a band that sounds like his?  In Oyster Bay you can never be sure, but when they hit the line…” From a town known as Oyster Bay Long Island, rode a boy with a six pack in his hand…” the gathered crowd let out a big cheer!


After singing along for a bit, we found the line for oysters:  fresh on the shell and fried. YUM!



Fried oysters

After tasting these delicious oysters, we were getting thirsty.  The Oyster Fest is fun, but they do not allow pets into the area with food and they do not serve alcohol.

We had visited Oyster Bay last year and spent some time at the Oyster Bay Brewing Company.  Using a Groupon, we tried different types of beer that are brewed right there on site.

During the OysterFest it is very crowded but the crowd is welcoming.  Parents with babies and young children, dogs on leashes, and football fans happily sipped pumpkin beer in plastic cups ringed with a cinnamon and sugar topping.  We found a quiet corner to join in the crowd.

oyster bay brewing company

As we were leaving we met one of the most infamous Long Island celebrities, the actress who played Chrissie Watkins in the Jaws movie, you know the first one to be eaten… Lots of fans of that movie in Oyster Bay.


Finally, we ran into the local newspaper who offered to take our photo.  Here we are posing as successful “fisherpeople”.


All in all a good Sunday on Long Island.  It is fun to find a day adventure right here at home. Every day is a new and fun package of wonder waiting to happen.  Hope your day is filled with moments of joy!

OYSTER BAY Long Island Oysterfest


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I didn’t go to Oyster Fest this year and I was wondering how it was. I went twice in the past and I enjoyed myself.

  2. New England during the Autumn time does sound really nice. Where I live we do have an oyster festival but its normally during the Spring time.

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