Morning walk through the wild Florida housing developments

snake in Florida

This morning I took an early walk and brought along my phone. So many fun creatures along my walk and thought it would be fun to share some of the wild wildlife here in Florida.

I stay on sidewalks for my walks as we do have sightings of bobcats, panthers, alligators, poisonous snakes, coyotes and even wild pigs. Pete and I saw a huge black wild pig on the side of the road near a pond so I know they are out there.

That alligator isn’t too big…
And he’s not too little either. Right near the path. Watch those little doggies.
Love bug season. No explanation needed
Yes this orange snake was there first. I’ll wait
Sandhill cranes are big and noisy – awesome sight
First all red dragonfly I’ve seen
A gray heron
Harry is a little surprised about this guy. 😂
Water features in all the neighborhoods bring alligators, birds and of course fish too. 🐟
We see lots of ibis on the lawns
Sometimes the alligators are not IN the water.
Be careful!
Little blue heron
Not another snake!! 🐍

Safely arrived back home just as the temperature reached 90. Now time for a swim in the pool. I’ve been doing therapy with Harry. He started limping a month ago and the swimming seems to be helping.

Hope you enjoyed walking with me today. What did you see on your walk?


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