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Yoga: Goat vs Paddleboard?

Outdoor yoga this summer due to COVID - Goat or Stand up paddle board yoga?

This summer is so unusual so why not mix up that yoga practice a bit. I’ve participated in on line yoga and followed a few you tube videos since all the studios closed down in March. The pandemic has changed our lives. Maybe I would have finally been able to do a tree pose without holding onto the railing or a pigeon pose with my butt in the right spot but alas, COVID. So here I am. Making an effort. Amusing myself. Travel is limited so I am having whatever small adventures I can manage this summer.

Goat yoga: outdoors. More relaxing than I thought it would be. Goats can be so cute but these were bigger than I expected. Steppinoutponies was the provider of the rescue goats and we all did fall in love with the adorable week old baby alpaca who was just learning how to spit. Still I love animals and the animal handler and yoga instructor from Buddhabarnyoga worked hard to ensure an enjoyable evening for all.

Paddle board yoga: It was a warm morning at 9:30 when we paddled out to the calm harbor spot with 10 other women. The paddle boards had anchors attached which kept us stable and well distanced from each other. Our instructor encouraged us to balance with seated positions or on our knees. Once we stood it was a new reality. Balance was at the mercy of the passing motor boat’s wake. Since it was so hot, an accidental spill in the salty water was rewarding and refreshing. The instructors and staff at Huntington Stand Up Paddle were friendly and supportive of all yoga levels.

Honestly – I would do both again. I felt safely socially distanced and enjoyed myself one time with a friend and one time on my own. Always up for a new experience. ❤️

Socially distanced goat yoga at
Smithtown Historical Society

Making friends at goat yoga
Baby alpaca
Encouraged to pick up the goats after class. This one was heavy.
Arriving in Huntington at paddleboard yoga
Trying our best at balance poses
Warm and sunny. Loving summer!!!

Which one will you try next?


    1. My dog too! He does such a good stretch and jumps all over me like a baby goat when I try on line yoga classes at home. 🐶😂

  1. This is AMAZING! Cuteness overload with the goats. I’m dying to try goat yoga! I never heard of paddleboard yoga but it looks like a fantastic core workout. This article made me smile. 🙂

  2. Goat Yoga!!! Ah, I didn’t know about goat yoga until last year and someone told me about a place in New Hampshire that you could do goat yoga. Since then I’ve always wanted to do it!! That sounds awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

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