My interview with Nomadic Matt: Why Runaway Widow?

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  1. What a fantastic interview and I LOVE your story. I’m from NYC too–Brooklyn and Staten Island. I am a teacher too. I taught 2nd and 3rd for 15 years but took a break after my 2nd “baby” was born and that was when my blog (my third child) was born. I’m so glad that you find blogging and connecting with other widows as an outlet. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep writing!

  2. I really love your attitude to life. You have been through a tough time and you, perhaps unlike other people, have found avenues to attempt to deal with this – through your travelling and blogging. I absolutely love travelling too. Croatia is high up on my list. Perhaps next summer!

  3. That was a really great interview and showed a lot about you as a person and the journey you have come by so far. It’s so good that blogging has helped you work through grief and helped you share for others that may find themselves in a similar situation. Exciting about your Africa prize and trip – I hope you have a really wonderful time.

  4. How fun! I always like hearing where people have been and seeing what their favorite places are. I’ll have to give Croatia a try one day!

  5. There are all kinds of ways to come to blogging. This is one of the sadder ones. Glad you’ve made it work for you, and others. It can be a lifelong passion. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your company.

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