Signs from Loved Ones: Is there life after death?

Keeping an open mind, I believe we can find signs from our loved ones if we accept that it is possible.

My latest sign came from my mom on Mother’s Day.  I spent the day with my sister.  This is our third year without calling mom or sending her flowers.  We didn’t get to have lunch with her so we made plans to visit the Sarasota Jungle gardens and go to lunch with some of our family members. We both miss our mom so a sister is a good substitute.

In our family we have pretty much agreed that seeing a red male cardinal is a visit from our dad.  I don’t see them as much here in Florida, but that is our sign.  For my mom, we got a bit trickier.  She sends us white dolphins.

When the butterfly landed on my beer can and started sipping as I sat in a poolside lounge chair in Thailand on the first anniversary of Mike’s death, I took that as a sign that he was still with me. I visited a psychic medium a few months after Mike died and she told me that he send me blue jays.  Sure enough, I used to see one fly in front of my car on my 3 minute commute to work every day.  I don’t see too many blue jays down here in Florida.

Immediately after he passed, his cousin and mother started finding dimes in the craziest of places. They felt strongly that these were signs.

I spent an amazing summer weekend with the Forever Family Foundation in Connecticut the first year after my husband died. I had a positive experience bonding with other people going through grief. Several certified psychic mediums did group readings and I was fortunate to have Mike come through with messages for me during those sessions.

After the weekend, I bought a book by five year anniversary of our first date and it is true, life goes on.

I wonder how this effects what I had with Mike. People say  “he’d want you to be happy” but knowing him, I think he would not be so happy that I was married someone else. This used to worry me and give me guilt wrenched nightmares.  So I asked Mike to send me a sign.  Is he OK with all of this?

I went to see the author Laura Lynn Jackson at the Book Revue in Huntington. She read part of her book “Signs”  and gave an encouraging talk about how we can all learn to understand the messages sent from the other side.

I have seen her work as a psychic medium with a large group before and was overwhelmed with the messages she gave to others.   She made it clear that you don’t need to see a psychic medium to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. She says they are trying to connect with us and we just have to be open and listen.

She ended her presentation with a homework assignment. She said butterflies and birds and dimes are too easy. Challenge your loved ones with a specific request. Something out of the ordinary. Pick a number sequence and an animal and a word or phrase. Tell them to send it to you and they will find a way to do it.

So while waiting in line to get our books signed my friend and I picked 2 animals. She chose penguin and I said baby giraffe.

The next morning my friend texted me a picture. She excitedly sent me a photo that appeared on her Facebook page of a penguin! Later while putting books away in my kindergarten classroom I scanned through a book to see if I should donate it or keep it and sure enough, skimming quickly I landed on a page with a giraffe.  A baby giraffe!  I had to laugh.

baby giraffe

I chose a word as well. A tricky word from one of Mike’s favorite songs called Waterloo Sunset. Sunset seemed too easy, so I picked “Waterloo”.

In the afternoon I was going to read a book to my class about sea animals because I had this cute jellyfish project to make with them. As I sat down in my reading chair, I happened to see Dr. Seuss’s 𝑨𝑩𝑪 book and told the kids I love this book so we’ll read this one first. Wasn’t I shocked when I got to the W page:


My eyes popped out of my head as I stumbled over the words. I really did get chills.

I think Mike gives me signs that he is OK and watching over us.  Asking for specific signs like Laura suggested seemed far fetched at first, but it really did work. 

So after our Mother’s Day visit to the jungle garden and a delicious lunch in Sarasota, we walked into mom’s favorite artist’s shop in St. Armands Circle.  She swam with dolphins back in the 1980’s at Discovery Cove, before it was a thing that everyone could do on vacation.  She loved the beach and dolphins and always visited the Wyland gallery when in the area.  As my sister and I walked into the shop, the first piece we saw was a large framed lithograph of 3 white dolphins.  It is perfect for a wall in our Florida home and I am sure mom had something to do with that! It was almost getting a hug from her on Mother’s Day.


Challenge yourself today and I hope you get the signs you want!

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