WRONGFUL Death Settlement. Is Karma real?

Wrongful death lawsuit settlement for the widow

The wrongful death lawsuit is over.

It has been determined, by lawyers, a judge and insurance adjusters, that in agreement with the medical examiner who determined his death to be a homocide, the two men who caused my husband’s death are indeed responsible.

A settlement was made. All parties agreed.

After 3 years, the ordeal is over.

The trips to courthouses are over.

The phone calls with the lawyer and private investigators are over.

The depositions and nasty questions are over.

The signing of legal forms and faxing of important papers is over.

The proof of lost income and outstanding bills is over.

The personal days off from work are over.

The interviews with news media are over.

The participation from witnesses is over.

The analysis of the medical treatment and procedures is over.

The scrutiny over the autopsy is over.

The unpleasant arguing with sides is over.

The negotiations and mediations are over.

The letters written to politicians and leaders of our justice system are over.

The petition signing campaign is over.

The tears in retelling to others what happened that night are over.

The waiting is over.

I thought I would feel better when it was all over, but I don’t really feel better.

Sure, they had to pay.  But surely not enough.

Why aren’t they in jail?

Why hasn’t their life been turned upside down?

Why do their kids still have a father?

Why aren’t their wives widows?

I know life isn’t fair.

I know I can not change the past.

I know I put in a good effort to hold them responsible.

I know, that no matter what happened, my husband was never going to come back.

I know there would never have been a happy ending to this chapter.

Knowing that it’s over, my head feels a sense of relief.

Knowing that it’s over, my heart can’t stop hurting.

Now, I need to leave the rest to the Universe.

I hope Karma is real.

The night my husband died

is karma real wrongful death suit

Author: runawaywidow

At the age of 51 I unexpectedly became a widow. For the first 6 months after my husband died, I was in shock and numb. I journaled and with the help of friends, family and therapists was able to get back to living my old life, even if it is now very different. Before I was married, I had spent a semester in England and backpacked around Europe. My husband and I moved from New York to California for 8 years and started a family. Travelling took a back seat to raising a family and going to work everyday. Since the loss of my husband I have visited a lot of places with family and friends and took a solo trip to Thailand. I am enjoying sharing my stories and adventures as well as some of my insights to how I am traveling the path of being a widow. I hope to share my stories and adventures as well as some thoughts on being a middle aged widow. While I have some great experiences traveling to Thailand and cruising to Central America, some of my adventures involve a trip to see a Broadway show in nearby Manhattan and a shopping trip at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If I can inspire anyone to go out and continue to live a good life that would be my greatest accomplishment.

20 thoughts on “WRONGFUL Death Settlement. Is Karma real?”

  1. Sending prayers your way, Sweet Cousin. Not for karma to go the way of those who killed your husband, as I have little investment in them. My prayers are for karma to come your way. You deserve peace, and endless love.

  2. Prayers that as your life moves on you find peace and happiness once again🙏🏻❤️ Those responsible will live with that for the rest of their lives…

  3. Having something to fight for keeps us going; it’s not the winning that we seek but the distraction from pain and now that is over. So sorry that you’ve had to go through this horrible experience but hopefully now your life will move forward in a positive way and you will find some peace.
    As for Karma, I don’t know because there are some truly awful things that happen to the most wonderful people and vice versa but what happens to us shapes us for better or worse.

    1. Thank you – this is so true, now it’s time to sit back reflect on my loss, and resolve to move forward.

  4. I do believe that Karma is real. Any person who does harm to other will get there’s one way or another.

  5. I totally believe in Karma and people will recieve what they deserve. this was very emotional and pray for your strength. I pray for your peace. The universe cant do you wrong

  6. Kristen,
    I am so glad these miscreants were held accountable! They now have to live with themselves, knowing they caused Mike’s untimely death! That in it self is karma. They will forever be haunted by that evening and their unconscionable actions.

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